Reform Coalition of Canada



Systemic Corruption, Criminality & China in Canada    





Introductory Correspondence 


CSIS-RCMP Sidewinder Report  



Maxine Bernier and The Sidewinder Report: Valuable and Highly Corroborating Windows Into the True Nature of the Canadian State; or Canada = Gangster Government 


Again Making the Case for ‘Totalitarians & Triads’ Enjoying a Front Row Seat Politically and Economically at the Expense of All Canadians 


Why Call the Research Project The Last Democratic Fiefdom?; and Academic Methodologies and Terminology 


Stultification Within the Legal Profession, Administration of Justice and Government That Perpetuates the Last Democratic Fiefdom 


The Political Conspiracy of Silence in Canada: The Senate  & Federal NDP and Bloc Québécois 


China’s Vast Array of De Facto Governance Advancing & Protecting Interests and Networks Throughout the Last Democratic Fiefdom  


List of Recipients: Results of the Edification Campaign 


The Evidence Speaks for Itself: Part I 


The Evidence Speaks for Itself: Part II 


The Evidence Speaks for Itself: Part III 


What Else Was Discovered During and After the Fiefdom Treatise Research Project and is Now Ready to Be Exposed: Part I


Other Institutions of the Administration of Justice That Perpetuated and Protected Chinese Joint Sovereignty Involving Economy Monopolization and Wealth Embezzlement


The First Glaring Example of Democratic Respectability Façade Generation: PM Trudeau’s “Just Society”



Poverty Issues 


Adding Another Count to the Fiefdom Indictment 


Canadian Governance That Involves Institutionalized Theft and Wealth Sharing With China is Coming to an End      



Aboriginal Issues 



Parliamentary Hypocrisy That Proves Economic Genocide in Canada  

Parliamentary Hypocrisy That Proves Economic Genocide in Canada: Revisited 


The Political Conspiracy of Silence in Canada: Parliamentarians Involved in Aboriginal Affairs


Hansard Research


(i) Parliament  

       (a)  The Chrétien Era (January 18, 1994 to November 28, 1995)

       (b)  The Martin Era (February 2, 2004 to September 29, 2005)

       (c)  The Harper Era (February 6, 2006 to June 19, 2009) 


(ii)  Ontario (April 24, 1984 to December 14, 2006) 


(iii)  British Columbia (January 27, 1970 to February 26, 2007) 



Parliamentarians and Legislators Intentionally Underfund Aboriginal Programs to Protect Economy Monopolization, Wealth Plundering and China’s Interests in Both    


Major Aboriginal / Federal Government Deal: the ‘Kelowna Accord’ Negotiated and then Intentionally Dumped – Another Example of Aboriginal Equitable Entitlement to the Canadian Dream Being Denied  


How Canada's Newspaper Cartoon Artists Dealt with Aboriginal Issues 


Canada’s Government Fails to Abide by Treaty Obligations Regarding Aboriginal Education   

In Conclusion: All Talk and No Action for Forty Years































































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